A trip to the magical landscape of the Jim Corbett

29th September was a very important day to the family of Freekaamaal as the company has entered in its 8th successful year. It’s astonishing to see the success of the company in a span of 7 years. Today, Freekaamaal is one of the leaders in the domain of affiliate marketing. Thus, it was not only the day to celebrate our business success but also a day to dance, party and losing out. So we planned a throbbing getaway to the foothills of the Himalayas, into the wild, Corbett, which is located along the banks of Ramganga in Uttarakhand.


The trip begins with a loud applause……..


IMG_20170929_225858 (1)  IMG_20170930_072201

After planning the trip for the whole one week the day finally arrived!! It was a big moment for all of us. So everybody sorted their work early, packed the bags and left for the destination.

2017-10-19 (2)
The bus flamed with flowing energy as we started our first activity. Any guesses??? There’s a hint, it’s the customary game of every road trip. Yes, it was Antakshari, which is always fun to play as everyone enters into a competitive spirit and ready to attack their opponents. So no wonder we did play it for long after which many of us started feeling hungry. Thus, we stopped for our first meal at the “Bikanerwala” and quickly had some food. At this time we were about 6 hours away from Corbett and everyone started feeling sleepy by this time.

Here comes the land of greenery………..


The thrill rose again as we entered the land of the rugged mountains surrounded by the lush greenery.  In just a few minutes we reached our destination from where we walk to our resort.


The mesmerizing view………….

However, while we all were desperately waiting to get our rooms and take some rest, the awe-striking view was waiting to welcome us. As we stepped towards the main side of the resort there came the mesmerizing view…. The enchanting view of Kosi river…..This was truly magical.
2017-10-19 (3)

So by the time our rooms were getting ready, some of us decided to dive into the Kosi river. While some just prefer to sit alongside the river and enjoy the serene and quiet morning radiance. (It was like being in HEAVEN!!!)


After some time our rooms were ready and we headed to have our meal and take some rest.


The series of fun activities…….


Post lunch we all were set to start the series of fun activities which began with the pool. The picture clearly shows the FUN and MASTI we had.


After having fun in the pool, we all were charged up and were in no mood to go back to our rooms. So we played activities one after the other, cricket, badminton, blindfold game, and kho-kho. We were having so much fun that no wanted to click pictures. So we all have only one snap of the fun-time.



2017-10-19 (1)

The party time………..


As the night kicked in it was the time to party hard. The tables, lighting, and music were set and so were we to hit the dance floors.


The last few hours in the resort…….


As they say, all good things come to end and so does our trip. The next day we all packed our bags, had the breakfast and set to leave the pristine grasslands.  Soon we all boarded the bus and said bye to the serene and blissful destination with a promise…. That we all will be back again someday……




















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