An Outing to Mukteshwar

The  month was a particularly energizing one for all the Freekaamaal family. Everybody was eager to encounter this fantastic journey to Mukteshwar.


It was a two days journey and was full of fun and craziness. The road Journey was absolutely eventful with lots of dancing, singing, amusements, everybody was enjoying the trip. The drive to Mukteshwar is exceptionally picturesque with amazing view of Bhimtaal and lavish green valleys.

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We had already occupied the Veselka resort. The resort was truly sensible, area was great, rooms are comfortable with magnificent perspectives, and the staff was extremely helpful. We simply had our breakfast and get prepared to begin our adventure and center of activities. Every one of us were enjoying the considerable stature and that height we feel that you are on the porch of the world.  

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The entire day we were appreciating the quiet view and after that headed back to resort. We had  organized a bonfire with a loud music and the make the environment substantially more like a disc. Every one was getting interacted with CEO and an award ceremony held for the meriting employees.


The very next day, we had gone to a waterfall close to Mukteshwar which is the best experience when we trekked for a waterfall. Chilled water with awesome view made it exciting and memorable trip for us. Our togetherness made this trip a freaky crazy funny.

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