Chef at FKM: PRE Foundation Day Week Activity

We have organized numerous activities before the final annual gala celebration, in which one was “Chef at FKM”. In this competition, everyone has to show the chef hidden inside them. Initially, we were broken up into teams, three members in each team. Each and every member have to bring up a delicious yet appetizing dish from their home and present those dishes combinedly. The best part about this activity is the winner will get a whopping prize money. Everyone so excited and dwell into the competitive spirit. In total, we have 5 teams and come up with the dishes from almost every cuisines including Chinese, Italian, and A la carte as well.



Aren’t these dishes so mouth-watering? Well, we got a chance to taste dishes like veggie bomb, parallel roles, dahi bhalla, macaroni, cheese sandwich, dhokla, Sambhar vada and more. No, the list of dishes won’t end here our Chef also present delectable dessert on the table. Coconut ladoo and Choco burst are the most talked about dessert dishes of that evening. Of course, it is a competition, so how would it get completed without the judges and their respective comments. We have picked one member from every team as a judge to build up a judging panel.




Now, every team has to convince the judges with the taste of their dish as well as their explanation for the ingredients they have used and how much efforts they have put to make the dish tastier and healthier. After the tasting and judging the dishes on numerous parameters by FKM jury members. The two teams one of (Pooja, Pallavi, and Rohit) and another one (Smita, Ankit, and Nikhil) are on a neck to neck competition. But, as it is a competition and the winner can be only one team. So, at the end results get announced and the winner is the team of Pallavi, Pooja, and Rohit.



Here, are the winners. The FKM Ceo Mr.Ravi Kumar put the crown of “Chef at FKM” on the winning team members. “Winning and losing is the part of the game”, but the fun we all have in that entire process can be poured down into the words, and we all are in giggles after this competition.

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