FreeKaaMaal 7th Birthday Celebration

It is mesmerizing how quickly the  time flies especially when a company turns 7 years old. FreeKaaMaal completed this journey on 29 september this year. It all started when Mr. Ravi Kumar started How-to-guide blog in the year 2010. After that this company witnessed a transformation of becoming India’s largest bargain hunting site. The whole plan for celebrating this day began 1 month before the birthday of FreeKaaMaal. The team planned a trip to Jim corbett Uttrakhand and everyone got into party mood 1 week before the birthday.


We got our black colored FreeKaaMaal t-shirts 3-4 days before the birthday….

IMG_0990 (1)

We all were very excited for this day and decorated the whole office with balloons, stars, cards, ribbons and collages…

IMG_20171009_115742  IMG_20170929_105452
We all came together like a team and decorated the whole place like our 2nd home…

Finally on 29th September 2017 we came dressed in ethnic wear like we do on any festival. The day began with getting together and taking a lot of selfies ..

We all were in a festive mood that day and we also worked less than a usual office day. After the lunch break came time when we all were suppose to come together and cut the cake. To our surprise the cake looked really beautiful….
IMG_0996 (1)

The cake cutting ceremony began with lot of cheers and hooting as everyone was eagerly waiting to congratulate each other on this auspicious day.

IMG_0991 (1)                 IMG_0992 (1)

The moment office hour came to an end we got into weekend zone and started the fun. The music was turned on and we danced till we got tired. At last the moment clock hit 11 PM the we took off for our Jim corbett trip.

That is how we celebrated the grand 7 years of FreeKaaMaal with hopes of achieving another great milestone the next year.






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