The Super Delicious Kung Fu Salsa :Non-Fire Cooking Competition at

FreeKaaMaal held an unforgettable competition among the employees. The due work was to cook and make bhelpuri , Sandwich , Aamras, Choco Milk shake and Shikanji (summer delight), . Initially we had to break-up into teams, every team will have 5 members and those members will prepare a special Mumbai bhelpuri and refreshing 'Shikanji' (lemonade). The competition started with great enthusiasm and in no time everyone realized the mayhem boys were creating while cooking in the name of taste and creativity.



Anyways, there was a rumble and rush to grab the ingredients, as the time was limited and the parameters of judging were not only taste but tidiness, presentation as well.



Anyways, every team missed on something from the recipe but somehow they all managed. The best part was to see the CEO peeling of the potatoes and our content team member Rohit was  teaching him to do it properly.



The dish preparation time went off and every one was ready. Various teams had different version of stories for the presentation they gave but the last team was getting ready with a grand plan. The jury to judge the taste included, CEO of FreeKaaMaal, our Technical Head . Each team gave their presentation and held a strong position in the competition according to their belief.


The  team lead by Miss. Priyanka, our Online Marketing Executive presented the dish ( Kung Fu Salsa)  and the beverage she prepared with her team.

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