Khane Kaa Tha Dil, Par AA Gya Bill

Last Friday, a sandwich competition was held in our office at It was a chance for our employees to bring our their inner-chef and be at their creative best.
There were a total of 4 teams taking part in the competition and for the very first time organisers were also competing.
Teams were provided with all the basic ingredients required to make a sandwich and they were all free to add on whatever they wanted from their end to make the best sandwich possible.
IMG-20170505-WA0011  IMG-20170505-WA0010
A final tasting and judging were carried out by the management for all sandwiches prepared by the 4 teams.
IMG-20170505-WA0007   IMG-20170505-WA0002
After presentation and judging, Team 2 was announced as the winner as they outshone others on the creativity and taste front.
The judging criteria were:
Overall Presentation
The activity of sandwich making competition witnessed some creative ideas put into use and a strong sense of teamwork from each teams. Overall it turned out to a super fun and delicious event.

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