Kuda Gaya Bhagar Ko Hum Chale Shringar Ko

Keeping the customary of Weekend Fun and Frolic in it's full glory we conducted yet another laughter ride at FreeKaaMaal.com . The activity was named as " Kuda Gaya Bhagar Ko Hum Chale Shringar Ko" and everyone lived up-to the name of the activity with by putting up equally crazy performance . 


People were divided into 3 teams and each of them had to get a couple dressed up only using newspapers, staplers and cello tape . The purpose of the activity was to bring out the creative side of the people at FreeKaaMaal and also promote the agenda of recycling the waste products and how to put them at the best use .
Team A : The theme of their couple was a city brat falling in love with a tribal women and they didn't fail to impress everyone .
IMG-20170224-WA0219    IMG_20170223_185834 (1)
Team B : Themed as Senorita and Gini they showed us how love conquers all . They wowed everyone the way they dressed up their Senorita .
IMG-20170224-WA0213    IMG_20170223_185819

Team C : And the best was saved for the last . They not only won our hearts but also declared the winners . The Romeo- Julliet antics was loved by all .

IMG-20170224-WA0186        IMG_20170223_185741

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