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How to let your stress go out during the busiest and the most stressful day of the week? Simple, Play a game you have had enjoyed in your childhood. That is what our HR had in her mind for this weekend. The game was designed and designated by the organizing team. Game was actually pretty simple and goes by the name of the “Lemon and Spoon”. Two team had the battle for the first with lemon and the spoon as their axes and shield. The task was simple, never let your lemon fall off from your spoon while making rounds with your teammates. The basic idea was to make members of FKM understand the importance of the smooth flow of a task within a team while having fun for the sake of the objectives. The guidelines were disclosed and they were as followed.

Mark distance approximate of 15 to 20 feet.

Ask participants to stand up on one end of marked distance.

Give them 1 spoon and 1 lemon to each Participant.

Participants have hold spoon in their mouth and place lemon in that spoon.

Participants have to cover marked distance by walking or running .

Warning for participants – once race start participants not touch the spoon if they done then they are out.

If lemon are fall from spoon then that participants is also out.

Who ever cross the distance first with spoon in mouth with lemon in it are wins !!

now comes to the entertaining part,when we started this game my childhood memories refreshed additionally are guys who have participated are excited to much but unfortunately I got a small spoon to play and after sometime I noticed that the lemon was frequently  slipping towards the handle so I tilted the oval portion towards the handle by 120 degree and wins to activity.

Well, once we started up with these rules, we had a pretty decent flavour for the engagement but as the time and level of difficulty started increasing, the escalation of the adrenaline increased and the fun went up with it. Time was over so we had to stop and the winners were declared.  


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