Lost & Found (Mobile)


We were divided into two teams. Each team had to hide the mobile phones of the other team. For ex : Team A will hide the mobile phones of Team B, till then Team B will be out. After 10 minutes, Team B will enter and search for their phones. It was fun watching the team members searching for their phones so enthusiastically.



Finally they were able to find 7 out of 8 of their mobiles after vigorous search.Now comes the turn of Team A.



The ball is now in the court for Team B, now they had the chance to take the revenge and hide the phones of Team A at such places that will be too difficult to find for them. We were all literally rolling on the floors laughing when other Team was searching their mobile phones and they were not able to find it. Weirdest of the weird and unimaginable locations were chosen to hide the phones such as inside the bean bags, inside the printer, below the covers of chairs. At last Team A was able to find only two mobile phones of their team and Team B won by flying colors. Whatever Team won it was fun watching each other searching for their phones like mad.Finally when phones were out everybody was amazed to see the places where they were hidden !


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