The Balloon Train in the FreeKaaMaal Office

Like every week, last Saturday too the FreeKaaMaal team had an exciting activity this time it was the  balloon activity. There were 3 teams who participated in the activity. The task was not very simple. 6 members were allotted in each team and one balloon was placed between 2 people . Now all 6 people had to move together without dropping the balloon . The team who would complete one round in least time was  supposed to be the winner.


There were three teams and each team comprised of the following team members:

Team A :  Shaloo, Chiranjeev, sunil, Jitendra prajapati, Vijendra



And they are trying to balance it…….


Team B : Rohit, Pooja, Sameer, Abhishek, Deepak, Surya




Would they make it .???



Yes!!!  they won  the second round 41 seconds….


Team C:  Bharat, Priyanka,imran, JK, Pankaj, Aditya


On  your mark get set…


And look at them go…..


Team C won the first round by 48 seconds…..


In FreeKaaMaal we have many great activities at the end of each week. This helps our employees grow team building skills, improve interpersonal skills, facilitate better communication and promotes creativity

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