The glass pyramid with Balloons

Like every other weekend last Friday we had a fun activity using balloons and Glass. So, there were 4 teams that had to compete with each other throughout the game. The activity was simple the teams were supposed to build a pyramid by placing glasses on top of each other.

 Sounds very easy right??  

 But the twist was that you had to do it without using your hands.That is where the balloons had to come into play. Each member had to blow the balloon in the glass and lift it with the air pressure built within the balloon. 

IMG_20170715_171706 IMG_20170715_171718


 IMG_20170715_173209 IMG_20170715_172219

After the glass was placed they had to release the pressure and continue with the next one. 


IMG_20170715_172515  IMG_20170715_173527

There were 4 members in each team and 5 minutes were assigned to complete the task. Everyone tried their best to complete the task at hand. But sadly, there was no winner as the glasses turned out to be asymmetrical and it wasn’t possible to make the glass Pyramid. Overall the activity was quite a fun every one enjoyed it and it helped us improves our team spirit.

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