When the Team Used Useless stuff to make something Useful

Our last working day of the week is never boring, infact we are always exited to visit FKM as soon as possible because we know that basically last day means something awesome and crazy. Surprise awaits in our mail box every thursday and our HR have a fascinating look in her eyes which clearly see us all as spartans.




Well, the day started with a lot of cartons and the papers in the way. We thought that some kind of remunaration is going in on. Fascinated with the thought of some new change some of us went to HR and asked "What's going on? Cabin shift kar rahe hain kya?" She said read your mail. The mail clearly stated that the we have to use all the products lying down in store to make something useful out of it.




We started our activities on Friday where the whole family of FKM got segregated into various teams of 2. Quite impressive and artifacts were made with an idea of decoration in the office. Rishabh, our executive poured more than enough effort and made a scary monster which he intent to make a stress buster game earlier. Anyways, our judges came and the winner was a beautiful dustbin which was made by our Marketing Executive Sonal and the Operation Manager Mr. Arjun Singh. (Congratulations)

FreeKaaMaal has a team dedicated to work in such a way that it would amaze the shoppers in all ways. Searching for Freebies needs some time but making out something useful from used or waste products was an amazing experience in itself. 

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