Women’s Day Celebration at Office

8th March is celebrated as Women's Day Worldwide. It is celebrated to depict the strength of the women, her integrity, providing them equal rights and making the other half of the world stronger . On every occasion, FreeKaaMaal's team never let the enthusiasm go down so how can they lack behind when it comes to celebrating a day dedicated to the women .

This time boys at FreeKaaMaal decided to take  responsibilities into their hands to make the day extra special for ladies and they managed to do their job quite well . 
The morning started with  surprise, roses placed at their respective work stations . This was just the beginning ,bigger surprises in stores  were awaiting to get unwrapped one by one . 
The boys have decided the name tag inspired from Disney princess for every girl based on their personalities .
The best part was crowns and sash were all handmade by the men in the office . It made the day even special seeing them work so hard for the ladies and breaking the typical stereotype . 
IMG_20170307_162658              IMG_20170307_162635
The customary cake cutting ceremony was also done and our taste buds were soothed with delicious blueberry cake .
Here is the glimpse of all princesses as named by boys :
Retro Ariel : Retro meaning evergreen and Ariel the mermaid princess . Our HR bagged the tagged of Retro Ariel
Angry Snowhite : Snowhite was the first princess of the animated feature film Snowhite and the 7 Dwarfs . Our snowhite is the one who is as pretty as princess yet with tempers high on the nose .
Crazy Mulan : Crazy is the one who crazy does and live their own world without caring about the worldly antics . Mulan is the  Chinese princess who elopes to the west to be with a British prince .
Jarvis Jasmine : Jarvis as the most advanced artificial intelligence from Avengers and Jasmine queen from Aladin .
Tranquil Aurora : Tranquil meaning the silent , peaceful, Aurora the princess from the Sleeping Beauty
Mini Cindrella : Mini is short and cute, Cindrella who keeps her hopes alive with the help of her dreams
Brawny Belle :  Brawny is muscular, strong . Belle gold is princess from TV series Once Upon a time 

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