Men’s Day Celebrations at FreeKaaMaal

As we all know, the International Men’s day is celebrated on 19th November.

This year the Men’s day celebrations were very special at FreeKaaMaal. All the men were made to feel special.

It was a surprise celebration with girls doing all the planning.

After the Women’s Day celebrations, all the men were eagerly waiting for this day. But nobody expected such great celebrations. And the day unfolded with one surprise after another. Continue reading “Men’s Day Celebrations at FreeKaaMaal”

Happy Holi! FreeKaaMaal Celebrates Festival of Colors in Style

We like to celebrate every occasion to the fullest and this time it was Holi, the festival of colors. Holi has a huge significance as far as workplace celebrations go. On the last working day before Holi we celebrated at the office premise. The festival of colors was celebrated with great fervor in our office on Wednesday. Continue reading “Happy Holi! FreeKaaMaal Celebrates Festival of Colors in Style”

International Women’s Day at FreeKaaMaal.Com

For Some it is a day of protest while for some it is a national holiday. International Women’s Day started as a socialist movement for women breaking the shackles of societal norm. Although, later on it became a Feminist movement to make the modern women more independent than ever before. We at tried to do our best to celebrate the Glory of Womenhood and make our lovely ladies feel the special, they bring to our life. Continue reading “International Women’s Day at FreeKaaMaal.Com”