A Republic Day Extravaganza at FreeKaaMaal.com

                     “Jai Hind, Jai Bharat”

This year marks the 70th Republic Day of India. We got our independence on 15th August 1947 but on 26th January 1950 was when we became truly independent from the shackles of British Raj. It was a day of Glory, A nation was finally born and Our forefathers contributed to make it a worthwhile country. On this day our constitution finally came into play and our nation started to grow. Although, Republic Day is a government holiday in our country, therefore, in order to honour the Tiranga we celebrated it a day before.

Painting the Face With Tricolors

The day started with a warm cup of tea and the tricolors from the Tiranga on our face. It took a couple of permutations but the right amount of colors was achieved. Our very own dedicated employee from the Content team got the Tiranga on his face first.

The line followed by other employees while our HR painted a small Tiranga on their face to signify our patriotism and respect towards our nation. I can bet there could not have been a better use of Rangeela colors than using it for making this Symbol of our Sovereignity.

Photo Fascade with Candid Smiles

We were done getting our face painted with the Tiranga. Some got it on one cheek while the others offered both of them. Although, no one fall short in participating and honoring our republic. But it was time for some candid shots. Our cutest member from the Deal/ Content team “Chiru Bhai” took the initiative of capturing those moments.

It was a great beginning and it needed to be remembered so we did the honors and smiled our best and the most genuine.

Quiz that Incorporated Some Great Republic Day Questions

Well, you must have heard the phrase “Nation wants to know” although it was time for us to justify “How much we know about the Nation?”. To Get that idea in shape our HR conducted a Quiz and for every right answer, the winning prize was a Chocolate.

The rules were simple if you know the answer you need to raise your hand and once an employee has answered he could not participate any longer. Why? Well, everyone deserves chocolate. The questions were being thrown at us but in the tough competition, most of us managed to get chocolate.

Finally the Time for Supper and Some Team Bonding

After the tension inside our office settled and everyone had their winning it was time to charge up. And what better way to charge yourself than having some tasty Samosas and Gulab Jamuns.

Now It was finally time to bid adieu and leave for our homes but the day can’t be ended without a full-fledged picture of FreeKaaMaal. So here we are all smiling to the fullest and commemorating the 70th Republic Day of our nation, India. Happy Republic Day !!!