An FKM Birthday Bash that led to a Treasure Hunt

The ship with flags of FreeKaaMaal sailed years ago. The tides were rough but the Captain in command has decided to venture through all the tough spots and came out victorious. Although, hardships aside since it was the day to celebrate as the Captain turned 32 aka Ravi Sir(CEO of FreeKaaMaal). Nobody was ready to calm their hollers so the HR took the initiative and decided on a treasure hunt beforehand.

The day began as usual and during the lunchtime, we made sure he turns 32 and hence the cake cutting. Although, it was the beginning of all the fun that was waiting. The HR being quick-witted has already hidden clues to the final price all around the office. The clues were written in paper slips which would lead to the next clue. Although, there were also empty slips and slips with “Out” written on it which once opened will lead to disqualification.

Rules of the Treasure Hunt

  • Each and every employee will play individually.
  • There will be two winners.
  • Two people who reach the slips first with “Winner” written takes the price.

The tension was rising as everyone had their eyes on winning. A couple of tables and chairs got flipped, we raided the whole office gaining clue after clue. Although, Victory is only for the one who makes effort in the right direction. We got two winners in the end who received cash price from the HR.

It was time for some more fun and dancing on the best beats in town. Much of the members of the FKM family has left by then to their homes but another competition was awaiting. Although, this time it was purely for fun. The left members were divided into teams of two.

The task was to hide opposite team members one item each while the other team will be waiting outside the office. The team which finds out the most items in limited time will win. After much of investigation one team won. Although, it was time to feed our bellies. Ravi Sir took all his FKM members to a restaurant and that is how we bid adieu to that magnificent day.